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Prod manager

Prod manager is a lightweight tool that allow you to display your production infrastructure status to your client.

Live demo

Thoses are temporary live demo, all data will be reset regulary. Servers are located in France, so if you live far from there, it may affect your experience. You can install it locally and try it out for the best demo experience (see How to Deploy ?).


  • Use Scopes to split your environment into smaller chunks
  • Create Services to match your production environment
  • Define Monitors to display your Scopes/Services status
  • Install custom integration to fetch and update status from external sources
  • Track Incidents status and resolution
  • Plan Maintenances when enhancing your Services
  • Show Announcements to your community
  • Mail notifications when CREATE or UPDATE an Incidents/Maintenances
  • ICalendar download for Maintenances
  • API endpoints
  • API Python library


You can find security related informations about ProdManager on the security webpage : - latest image Trivy report

What's Next?

Please check future Milestones


dashboard incident

More screenshots

How to Deploy ?

There are 3 deployments options : - Standalone - Docker Compose - CloudNative

Advanced configurations can be found in the application documentation


Bug Reports / Feature Requests

If you want to report a bug or request a new feature, feel free to open a new issue.

Merge Requests

If you want to modify Prod Manager, thoses guidelines may be useful for you

Special thanks to

  • Scaleway where are hosted demonstration instances
  • GitLab for hosting the source code, images and build artefacts for this project