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Rate limit

If enabled by the administrator, API requests are subject to rate limiting.

Any client regardless of his authentication method has a limited number of allowed queries during a specific timeframe. Unauthenticated clients have a very low query rate (max 60/hour by default). If you need more than that, you can generate/request an API token that gives you the maximum query rate (max 1500/hour by default).

See defaults values in API rate limit configuration

HTTP headers

In order to track how many query you have left, ProdManger return custom HTTP headers with the current state of the API rate limit :

Header name type Description
X-RateLimit-Limit integer Maximum query allowed during the timeframe for the current client
X-RateLimit-Remaining integer Numer of remaining query in the timeframe for the current client
X-RateLimit-Reset integer Timestamp when the rate limit resets (in UTC time)
X-RateLimit-Used integer Numer of used query in the timeframe for the current client
X-RateLimit-Client string Identifier of the current client
Retry-After integer Number of seconds before retrying if rate limit is reached with HTTP code 429.