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API rate limit configuration

You can configure API rate limit parameters with thoses environment variables :

Environment variable Type Default value Description
PM_API_RATELIMIT_ENABLED string False Enable the rate limiting on API endpoints
PM_API_RATELIMIT_DEFAULT integer 60 Default rate limit value for unauthenticated users (identified by remote address)
PM_API_RATELIMIT_LOGGED integer 1500 Rate limit value for authenticated users (see API authentication)
PM_API_RATELIMIT_PERIOD_HOURS integer 1 Rate limit reset period in hours
PM_REDIS_URI string redis://localhost Connection URI to a Redis instance

Redis database

A Redis instance is required in order to store the current rate limit state. If the Redis instance is not accessible for some reasons, the rate limiting process is ignored until it's available again.

Rate limit values are stored as such :

  • For each client, a client_id is generated (see ProdManager.helpers.api.get_client_key() function)
  • client_id is hashed with sha256 into a client_key
  • Current rate limit value is stored for each clients with the key api/ratelimit/{client_key} :
  • The value store he number of queries done by the user
  • The key expire when the rate limit reset