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Hello is a ProdManager process that collects and sends a weekly payload to ProdManager. The payload provides important high-level data that helps our product, support teams understand how ProdManager is used. The data helps to:

  • Compare counts month over month (or week over week) to get a rough sense for how an instance uses different product features.
  • Collect other facts that help us classify and understand ProdManager installations.

Hello information is anonymous. It does not contain service/scopes names, incidents, maintenances, or any other specific data. Hello is enabled by default. However, you can disable it on any self-managed instance.

You can configured hello behaviour with thoses environment variables :

Environment variable Type Default value Description
PM_DISABLE_HELLO boolean False Disable Hello. Disabling this feature allow to prevent public communication with upstream Hello api
PM_HELLO_ENDPOINT string Overwrite Hello endpoint. For developpement purpose only


Here is the schema of the sent playload :

  "type" : "object",
  "properties" : {
    "uuid" : {"type" : "string"},
    "version" : {"type" : "string"},
    "lang" : {"type" : "string"},
    "counts": {
      "type" : "object",
      "properties": {
        "services": {"type" : "number"},
        "scopes": {"type" : "number"},
        "incidents": {"type" : "number"},
        "maintenances": {"type" : "number"},
        "announcements": {"type" : "number"},
        "monitors": {"type" : "number"},
        "subscribers": {"type" : "number"}
    "features": {
      "type" : "object",
      "properties": {
        "mail": {"type" : "boolean"},
        "api_rate_limit": {"type" : "boolean"},
        "version_check": {"type" : "boolean"},
        "stats": {"type" : "boolean"},
        "openid": {"type" : "boolean"}
    "integrations": {
      "type" : "object",
      "properties": {
        "datadog": {"type" : "number"},
        "dns": {"type" : "number"},
        "http": {"type" : "number"},
        "jenkins": {"type" : "number"}