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HTTP integration

This integration allow to automatically update ProdManager monitors based on the status of a HTTP response to a GET query.


Environment variables

Name description
HTTP_PROXY Proxy URL used to verify monitors with HTTP URL
HTTPS_PROXY Proxy URL used to verify monitors with HTTPS URL
HTTP_TIMEOUT HTTP Timeout (default : 5 seconds
HTTP_VERIFY_CERT Toggle TLS cert verification (default : True)
HTTP_ALLOW_REDIRECT Toggle forward HTTP redirection (default : True)


ProdManager monitors should be created with :

  • integration field populated with the value http (or http_<PM_INTEGRATION_SUFFIX>)
  • external_link field with the URL to check

Status convertion table

HTTP response code ProdManager status
200 to 399 OK
Any other ALERT


Run the command :

PYTHONPATH=. python3 ProdManager/integrations/http/