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APIs pagination

All APIs that return a list of resources are paginated.

Sometimes, the returned result spans many pages. When listing resources, you can pass the following parameters :

Parameter Description
page Page number (default: 1)
per_page Number of items to list per page (default: 20, max: 50)

In the following example, we list 50 incidents per page:

curl --request GET "https://localhost:8080/api/incident?per_page=50"

Pagination headers

In order to help with the pagination, custom HTTP headers are provided :

Header Description
x-next-page The index of the next page
x-page The index of the current page (starting at 1)
x-per-page The number of items per page
x-prev-page The index of the previous page
x-total The total number of items
x-total-pages The total number of pages

NB: x-prev-page and x-next-page could contains the value None if thoses pages don't exists.